#LugLive Social Shopping FAQ

Q: What is “Social Shopping"? 

A: Social Shopping is a fun and engaging way to shop with Lug. Join our show hosts for LIVE shows throughout the week on a variety of different platforms: mobile app, facebook, and more to come!


Q: How do I get started?

A: Pre-register by heading to this link, http://lug.life/LugLiveAccount - be sure to sign in using your Facebook account.

Download the App for iOS or Android

OR... you can simply comment on our #LugLive posts! Type “register” in the comments of the post. You will be prompted to register for an account.


Q: Who can shop on LugLive?

A: Anyone from US and Canada can shop on LugLive! To our Canadian customers: please be advised that prices on LugLive are in USD, but you are still welcome to join in & shop with us!


Q: How do I use the App?

A: Watch our Facebook #LugLive shows directly on your mobile app! You can watch, interact across the platforms, add to cart AND buy without leaving the video. You can also shop previous live shows within our weekly show time schedules.


Q: How do I shop on Facebook?

A: To shop on Facebook, type a comment as follows on the post.

sold *item number* *color choice*



Capitalization does NOT matter, but spelling and spacing DOES MATTER. 

“SOLD 100 BLACK” = success!!!

“sold 100 black” = success!!!

“sold 100 blak” = failure : (

“SOLD BLACK” = failure : (

Please remember to spell and space your requests properly!

If successful, you will receive a notification. Here are a few possibilities of what you may see:


Message for notification that an item is in your cart:



Message for notification that you are waitlisted for an item:


Message for notification that an item is now in your cart and available for purchase:


Items will stay in your cart for approx 2 hours. Be sure to check out to ensure you receive the items you want. Tip: You can check out with every individual item, as there are no extra fees for doing so. We’ll explain more about shipping in this FAQ.


Q: What if my item falls onto a waitlist, how does this work?

Joining the waitlist does not guarantee that you will receive the product of your choice nor does it guarantee that you will receive the discounted price of an item on a selected day. We also cannot guarantee that you will be notified about every restock item. Any waitlist items updated in your cart will be subject to the price presented on day of availability. Price matching/adjustments are not valid on waitlist items.


Q: Does #LugLive price match or make price adjustments?

Any purchases made through LugLive cannot be price matched or adjusted to meet pervious sale prices. Please note this also pertains to items on waitlists. 


Q:  How much is shipping on LugLive?

A: We offer our #LugLive shoppers a $9 flat rate for all orders placed during the designated weekly period. (The current weekly period starts every Monday at 9:00am EST and continues through the following Monday at 9:00am EST).

If one order of $100+ is placed, you will qualify for free shipping for the week! (This does not apply to several orders totaling $100 placed over the course of the week). 


Q: What if I want to cancel my #LugLive order?

A: Please make sure you contact Customer Care by filling out the form at this link: https://www.luglife.com/pages/contact-us during the same weekly period of when you originally placed your order or/and by the end of day Sunday of the same weekly period. As our orders are shipped in bulk at the end of each weekly period, any cancellations made after the period ends cannot be accommodated and cannot be cancelled. 


Q: I commented and did not receive a message, what should I do?

A: If you comment and do not receive a notification, try commenting again! Make sure you are commenting in the correct format, with spelling, spacing and item number correct. The system will not recognize a comment that is not typed or formatted correctly. If you are commenting correctly and still not getting messages, try disconnecting and reconnecting your messenger to Comment Sold via your account - http://lug.life/LugLiveAccount. If you are still facing issues with receiving messages, we urge you to keep your account open during a show so you can easily refresh your shopping cart.


Q: Where can I find my cart and other account details?

A: You can find your waitlist, your cart, and shop more at http://lug.life/LugLiveAccount 


Q: What does Authorizing my card mean?

A: When you choose to authorize a card, you are giving our social selling partner, CommentSold, permission to charge your card when you place and order. If you have an item on Waitlist, you will put in a line for if/when the item becomes available. Once the item becomes available the item will be added to your cart and you will receive email/messenger confirmation.


Q: What does “Comment Charge” in my account mean?

A: Think of this as a Speed Buy option! If you enable “Comment Charge”, you authorize your card to be automatically charged as soon as you  comment SOLD on a Facebook post.


Q: Do you have coupons and discount codes for LugLive?:

A: Sales and coupon codes may be run exclusively through our #LugLive shows in the future. Please note: #LugLive coupon codes cannot be applied to #LugLive orders once they have already been placed. Please make sure you use your promotional code in your cart before you check out on the #LugLive platform, Lug customer care agents cannot adjust orders.

Additionally, any coupons/discount codes for the LugLife.com website, including order receipt coupons, can not be applied to #LugLive orders. 

Once something is in your cart and you are ready to check out, you can enter an eligible coupon code at the bottom of your “Order Summary.”





Can Lug Gift Cards won during the LugLive shows be used on Comment Sold orders?
No, Lug Gift Cards can only be applied to orders placed on our LugLife website (luglife.com).


Q: How does your referral program work?

A: You share, they shop, you save!! On your app under the "Account" tab there is a button to "Share & Earn Credit." This will generate your unique referral code (a series of letters ending in REF). When you share this code with friends who are new to LugLive, and they checkout using the code, they will receive 20% off their first order and you will receive a $5 store credit to use on a future LugLive order.**

You are also welcome to share your LugLive Referral Code while our show is live. Please note: We ask to please keep a maximum of one code being shared per customer during a LugLive show (our hosts love to make sure they are communicating and answering all of the questions they can during their show- too many codes being shared may hide some comments from them!).

**Please note referral codes cannot be shared within the same household (shipping address). *Lug reserves the right to remove store credit and/or deactivate your Account if it has been determined store credit has been earned out of compliance with our policies. May be subject to printing errors, changes, price changes, delivery delays and limited availability of stock.


Still need additional help?

Contact our Customer Care Team by filling out the form at this link for additional help: https://www.luglife.com/pages/contact-us 


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