Q:  How much is shipping on LugLive?

A: We offer our #LugLive shoppers a $9 flat rate for all orders placed during the designated weekly period. (The current weekly period starts every Monday at 9:00am EST and continues through the following Monday at 9:00am EST).


If one order of $100+ is placed, you will qualify for free shipping for the week! (This does not apply to several orders totaling $100 placed over the course of the week). 


*Shipping offers may differ every week, so please listen carefully to the timeline the host expresses during the live show or on Lug social media channels. Shipping delays may also happen for unforeseen circumstances or holidays. 


Q: When do my orders ship?

A: All #LugLive orders begin to be processed for shipment on Mondays- following each weekly show period- and in most cases, will ship out from our Lug warehouse within 48 hours. Please note, US orders may expect delays with tracking updates due to UPS delays. 


Q: Why do you only ship orders at the end of the show week?

A: To efficiently package all of you items together, we group a calendar week of orders into one day of shipping. This allows us to give you a great deal on shipping and provides the most effective way for us to process your orders.


Q: What if I order on a Monday?

A: Because orders begin processing for shipment on Mondays, your Monday orders (if placed after 9am EST) will be received as part of the Tuesday order bundle. Thus, it will be prepared for shipment the following Monday. 


Q: What if I want to cancel my #LugLive order?

A: Please make sure you reach out to Customer Care by filling out this form: https://www.luglife.com/pages/contact-us during the same weekly period of when you originally placed your order or/and by the end of day Sunday of the same weekly period. As our orders are shipped in bulk at the end of each weekly period, any cancellations made after the period ends cannot be accommodated and cannot be cancelled. Please note that our Customer Care Team is unable to cancel LugLive orders from the previous week after 9am EST on Monday morning. 


Q: Can I pay for expedited shipping?

A: We are working on a solution for those of you who NEED your Lug now! Contact our team by filling out the form at this link: https://www.luglife.com/pages/contact-us for special services.

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